Saturday, October 5, 2019 | University Park

1090 Devon Lane Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Registration: 4:00PM | Ceremony: 5:00PM | Walk: 5:30PM

The Social Butterflies Foundation’s annual Butterfly Walk for Lupus & Fibromyalgia® provides lupus and fibromyalgia survivors and their families the opportunity to come together for one unified purpose —to make these invisible illnesses visible.  Funds raised from the Butterfly Walk for Lupus & Fibro are used to provide support groups, educational resources, emergency financial assistance, scholarships, advocacy, and support research. Join the movement to raise awareness and rally public support for the estimated 195,000 Virginians living with lupus and/or fibromyalgia. Together we can make a difference!

It is our priviedge to announce the 2019 Butterfly Walk’s Patient Honoree…

David Riel

David, an eighty-year-old, was only diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) four years ago.  After multiple hospitalizations for infections, it was determined that an autoimmune disease (Lupus) had attacked both of his kidneys. Following a strict diet and with medication, he continues to live a normal life enjoying his family, nature and the grace of God.